Nagomi Hotel Nippori in Tokyo

A wonderful Japanese-style hotel

By Elena Lisina    - 2 min read

During the few times that I stayed in Tokyo, I stayed in the same nice hotel – Nagomi Hotel Nippori.

In Tokyo and some other big cities of Japan streets often have no names and even if you have a map the orientation can still sometimes be confusing. That’s why I think that choosing a hotel near a train station is convenient.

Nagomi Hotel Nippori is located close to Mikawashima Station on the JR Joban Line. It is just one stop from Nippori Station which is connected with the airport at Narita. If your flight is early in the morning or you need some rest after a long flight, Nagomi Hotel Nippori is an excellent location for that.

Like almost all hotels in Japan, Nagomi Hotel Nippori is clean and neat, but beyond that the hotel has a very good interior design. I usually stay in a Japanese-style room with tatami mats. Its soft green and orange colors remind me of Japanese gardens and torii gates of shrines. The bathroom is much more spacious than in standard hotels with a large mirror covering all of upper part of one wall. The bath tub is also large, not like many other hotels. All the necessary things for personal hygiene, such as shampoo, body soap, comb, tooth brush and toothpaste, towels and bathrobe are provided for.

In Japanese-style rooms there is a futon instead of a bed, but it’s very comfortable to sleep on and has a warm blanket. Rooms are provided with air conditioning, a small fridge and electric kettle. The rooms and lobby are decorated with flower decorations. The rooms are simple: there is a drawer, a low Japanese-style chair and nothing else in the way of furniture. But really, I had no need of it.

The district around Nagomi Hotel Nippori is very quiet and there are some nice shops nearby. All in all, a convenient, simple and comfortable hotel for visitors to Tokyo.

Getting there

Nagomi Hotel Nippori is located 3-minutes walk from Mikawashima Station on the JR Joban Line and is one stop from Nippori Station.

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Kim B a year ago
Close proximity to a station is also something I always appreciate. Makes traveling around very easy!
Kim B a year ago
Very good point!!