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Guest House Wasabi in Nippori

Japanese charm at affordable prices

With an authentic Japanese style running throughout, from a mesmerizing giant picture of Mount Fuji in the public bath to the creative and quirky wallpaper in the toilets, Guest House Wasabi is an affordable and culturally charming place for travelers to stay. Sometimes when staying in hotels or hostels you can forget where you are until you walk back out onto life in the streets. Here you are always in Japan, with the East never leaving you even for a minute.

The very affordable prices, and the fact that the closest train station is only a couple of minutes' walk away, make this guest house the perfect place for the travelers of Tokyo to rest their tired legs. With beautiful artwork in the lift that draws you in, and colorful yukatas running up the staircases, Guest House Wasabi proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay somewhere with a vibrant Eastern charm.

The manager, Ms. Maeda, draws on experience from working in a business hotel in Shenzhen, a major city in China, where 50% of guests were foreign, and recognizes the importance of making foreigners feel welcome and giving them a taste of local culture. This philosophy of giving foreigners a taste of Japan is transcended throughout the design of the place, with the emphasis placed on glorifying tradition. Ms. Maeda is pleased with the picture of Mount Fuji in the Japanese bath, and so she should be as it excellently captures the hypnotic essence of one of Japan's greatest wonders. Another way of allowing guests to experience Japanese culture is having the opportunity to rent a yukata for the day. The radiant and intricately designed costumes cost ¥1,000 a day, but you can also buy a total set for ¥3,700~.

The significance of the reception area was also mentioned by the friendly manager, which gives guests an opportunity to socialise, make new friends and plan trips and nights out together. The room has a nicely-sized table in the middle, with comfortable Japanese style cushions, and is very popular for those staying to chill out in and enjoy free Wi-Fi, play board games provided by the guest house and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Along with the manager, the staff at Guest House Wasabi speak English and have a dedication to helping those who stay by educating them on the sites of Nippori and must see spots in surrounding areas. These include the famous Tokyo Skytree, and a walk into Ueno, recommend by the manager herself, who believes the olden day charm of the streets of North Tokyo provides travelers with an opportunity to indulge in tradition along with the modernity that Tokyo has in abundance. You'll be pleased to know Guest House Wasabi now has its own izakaya, or Japanese dining bar, allowing guests to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

The rooms in Guest House Wasabi vary, from a mixed room on the ground floor, to a male dorm and female dorm on separate floors, and then private rooms on the highest floor. The dormitories are very comfortable, providing a fold out mattress, pillow and cover to assure a good nights rest. They also have a curtain for privacy, a light, and a socket which is very handy. Free Wi-Fi runs in every room and is certainly something to make the most of. If you do wish to have a higher degree of privacy you can chose to pay extra and stay in the private rooms, which come with your own personal shower.

The price for the dormitories is ¥2,800 (¥2,500 for mixed dorms) a night and ¥4,800 for the private rooms. Visit the Guest House Wasabi website for more details.

Getting there

The closest train station is Mikawashima Station and is just a two minute walk away.

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