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Guesthouse Wasabi Nippori

A well-loved Guesthouse near Ueno

Having traveled in Japan for the past three years during the summer, I have had the opportunity to stay in many different locations, and in many different guesthouses. The only guesthouse that I have stayed at more than once is Guesthouse Wasabi in Tokyo. It is my favorite guesthouse of all the ones I've stayed at because I believe it offers the best amenities, services, and friendly environment.

Guesthouse Wasabi is very conveniently located a few stops from Tokyo Station on the Joban Line, near Mikawashima Station. The guesthouse can actually be seen from the train as you approach Mikawashima Station - it is a two-minute walk away! The location was actually the biggest reason I chose to stay at and return to the guesthouse.

During my two separate stays at Guesthouse Wasabi, I have stayed in both the Female Dormitory, and the Private Japanese-style room. The private room is more expensive, but in all honesty, I would actually prefer to stay in the dormitory! The futons in the dormitory were equally as comfortable, and there was most definitely enough space to move around inside each dormitory capsule as well. I did not feel like I was being enclosed in a small space, which is always a worry I have when it comes to capsule hotels or guesthouses with dormitories. I also enjoyed being able to greet people during my arrival, in the mornings, and simply whenever. I especially enjoyed the close proximity to the public bath, as the bath is located only a few steps away from each dormitory bed.

To maximize the comfort of your guesthouse experience, I offer a few pieces of advice as a veteran resident of Guesthouse Wasabi.

1. Be friendly! People love to talk and converse, so don't be afraid to say hi first to someone. If you are backpacking, meet some fellow backpackers!

2. Take advantage of the guesthouse resources. The guesthouse usually has tons of pamphlets, information booklets, and flyers lying around, so be sure to read through some of them. You never know - you might find that you want to change your travel plans to accommodate a new place you learned about! Guesthouse Wasabi even offers free make-up rental, and also has yukatas for sale for a very low price!

3. Be conscientious - If you are going to be returning at a late hour, it doesn't hurt to tell your fellow dorm mates in your shared room that you may be coming back late. Or at the least, try to make as little noise as possible during your return. If you are checking out early in the morning, I would suggest getting everything ready the afternoon before, so that when you have to leave all of your bags will be packed and ready to go.


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