Oakhouse Kamata 260

The Story of 260 People Begins

 By Faye Close   Apr 9, 2014

Oakhouse Kamata 260, located in the Kamata area of Southern Tokyo, is an 8-storey 260-room share house. It's located only a 4 minute walk from Kamata and Zoshiki Station (Keikyu local and main Line), creating easy access to Hanada Airport and Shinagawa Station, a major station with access to JR City and Shinkansen lines. There are multiple nearby facilities – a convenience store, superstore and many local restaurants to name but a few.

The facilities Kamata 260 offers are exceptional and of high standard at an affordable rate. Each floor holds washroom facilities, a small kitchen and a laundry room. On the ground floor, a large kitchen, lounge space, two soundproof music rooms (with provided instruments), a meeting room, theatre space and an ample sized studio are provided. Public baths are also provided to men and women respectively. Each room is also equipped with a fridge, freezer, air-conditioning unit, chair, desk, bed and storage. Both printer and scanner facilities are provided, with free Wi-Fi available in the lobby. Kamata 260 is certainly a recommended share house for visitors to Tokyo.

Photography by Faye Close
Japan Travel Member

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