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Ogasawara Islands

World Heritage archipelago's subtropical paradise

Ogasawara Islands are a beautiful, subtropical island chain just waiting to be discovered. Also known as the Bonin Islands, this archipelago encompasses over 30 tropical and subtropical islands, and is located over 1,000 km south of central Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. Ogasawara was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2011 in recognition of its diverse fauna and sheer wealth of its native ecosystems. It is a popular destination for Japanese and foreign tourists alike.

To help those looking to discover this tropical paradise, Ogasawara Tourist exists to bridge the communication gap between English-speaking visitors and local Japanese residents as well as businesses and tour operators, who have so much to offer in terms of guides and activities. Alongside the stunning tropical views, any one of Ogasawara's activities can justify a trip alone: whale watching, swimming with dolphins, diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, fishing, forest walks, star watching, not to mention a few historical tours.

Ogasawara Tourist can help visitors, both in advance of your trip and after your arrival. Before your arrival, they can provide the latest information and updates from the main island of Chichijima, or help alleviate any concerns or queries you may have. During your stay, they are there to help you make any changes to your activities due to weather conditions, facilitate cancellations or refunds, or cope with any sudden illness or injuries.

Outside of the summer peak season, visitors are recommended to make a long stay plan of around 9-10 nights (otherwise 6-7 nights in July/August). A longer stay allows visitors to fully appreciate the island's atmosphere and truly escape with pristine beaches and diving/snorkeling opportunities on your doorstep.

Ogasawara Tourist can help prepare the ideal tour for visitors to the islands, in accordance with both the expected weather and your fitness levels. They can also recommend easygoing alternatives for those less interested in physical activities, such as fabulous walking routes and places to relax. They also provide guidance on the main island's community bus, as well as cycle hire and bike rental (international driving permit needed) opportunities. No matter what your preference, there are so many ways to fully enjoy and appreciate the islands.

Outside the peak season (New Year's, Golden Week, mid-summer), it is also possible to arrange your ferry ride and accommodation in advance, whilst leaving individual activity bookings until after you arrive. This allows you to book what you want in accordance to the likely weather forecast. In any event, Ogasawara Tourist's staff are happy to assist you.

For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact Ogasawara Tourist directly at info@ogasawara-tourist.com.

Getting there

Whilst the Ogasawara Village region is technically a subdivision of Tokyo Prefecture, it is still quite some distance. The islands can only be reached by ferry (the 'Ogawasawa Maru') from Takeshiba Pier on mainland Tokyo, a journey which takes around 25 and a half hours. Ogasawara Tourist can provide information on how to schedule and book your transport.


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Paradise on earth!
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I should not show this to my wife or we will have to make changes in our coming vacation)
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The photos are amazing! I hope I can visit it soon.
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Your photos are stunning. Want to visit this place in the near future ...
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awesome,, but quite far from tokyo :(