Oji Inari-Jinja Shrine Fox Parade

New Year's parade based on a legend

Dec 31
Jan 1
Venue: Shozoku Inari-jinja Shrine When: Dec 31st - Jan 1st 2020 ,  9:30am

Oji Shrine, located 5 minutes' walk from Oji Station, is one of the most important shrines of Tokyo, and is known for its New Year's parade based on an old legend.

According to this folk tale, a group of foxes from the Kanto region gathered under a large tree, dressed as humans and tried to gain access to Oji Inari-Jinja, the Shinto shrine dedicated to the deity of foxes. The well-known tale has been painted by famous ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige, which helped originally inspired this fox parade that has taken place every New Year's Eve since 1993.

Participants parade the streets around Oji Inari-Jinja, wearing fox masks and holding lanterns.

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Gloria Ticconi

Gloria Ticconi @gloria.ticconi

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Elena Lisina 8 months ago
Interesting! But cold and dark time of a year! :)
Kim B 8 months ago
What a unique way to ring in the new year!