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Omori Furusato Hamabe Park

White sand beaches and easy strolling paths are just two of the top features of this bayside park not far from the Heiwajima train station. The park borders Tokyo Bay, an historically important nori (seaweed) harvesting area in the Edo Period (1600-1868). While residents of that era once enjoyed unobstructed views across the water, today’s visitors are treated to impressive skyline shots and glimpses of the manmade island of Showajima just offshore.

The park offers picnic facilities, as well as restrooms and washing areas. On summer days, the quiet waterfront is the perfect place to linger over a packed lunch or build sandcastles on the pristine beach. A designated fishing spot offers the opportunity to reel in the catch of the day. Or, soak up the sun’s rays during a jog or bike ride along the various trails that crisscross the area. In the warmer months, a small stand near the beach sells refreshing cones of soft ice cream. On the park’s northeastern border, a large playground is a popular recreation spot for local schoolchildren and residents alike. While you are free to dip your feet in the water, actual swimming is prohibited.

In recent years there have been efforts to revitalize this tradition, as local schoolchildren are involved in a long-term experiment to re-cultivate the nori that once made this region famous. You can learn more about nori and its impact on the Omori region at the Nori Museum just across the bridge in the northern section of the park. On the way, don’t miss the panels hung along the bridge rails that illustrate the traditional nori harvest.

The park is open daily from 5:30 until 21:00.

Getting there

15 minute walk from Heiwajima station.

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