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Paperglass has challenged the idea that eyewear has to be cumbersome and clunky. When folded, these glasses are only 2 mm thick and can fit flat inside a regular envelope without any hint of bulkiness. Despite their thinness, they are remarkably more durable than your standard reading glasses.

These glasses do not have nose pads and so they do not leave indentations or red marks on your face. They are designed with a bridge that rests gently on the nose, fitting perfectly on the curve of your face eliminating the need to push them up or move them. As a long-time user of eyeglasses, I was excited to discover Paperglass.

It is unsurprising that Paperglass garnered the Good Design Award (best 100) in 2013 and the Design for Asia Awards (Bronze) in 2014. In 2016, Paperglass received the Omotenashi Selection (Gold) in 2016, a distinction celebrating design, quality and functionality with emphasis on craftsmanship and thought for the end user. Omotenashi products are creative and demonstrate modern ingenuity through the use of traditional practices and materials. Paperglass is aso a Wonder 500 product. The Wonder 500 project identifies local products that are a source of pride in Japan but are not yet well known around the world.

Paperglass is made in Sabae area in Fukui. Glass production began in 1905 as a way to obtain additional income during the snowbound farming off-season. Skilled craftsmen from Osaka taught the villagers how to produce glasses. Today, Sabae is one of the world's top 3 glass production sites and where more than 95% of glasses in Japan are produced.

Paperglass mainly offers reading glasses and sunglasses. Prescription glasses might be possible depending on the grade. Customers are invited to inquire.

Discover your next favorite eyewear at Paperglass.

Getting there

Paperglass is located on the 4th floor of the Tokyu Plaza Shibuya. It is a two minute walk from the West Exit of the JR Shibuya Station.

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Sleiman Azizi a month ago
Wow, that's thin.
Kim B a month ago
I switch between glasses and contacts, and definitely appreciate light, comfortable frames. Can't believe how thin these are!
Sherilyn Siy Author a month ago
To see is to believe.