Walk Through Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Ever-so-changing exhibitions and themes

By Elena Lisina    - 1 min read

A museum with ever-so-changing exhibitions and themes.

For people who are fond of photography, this museum is very interesting. When I visited, there were a few exhibitions, but my favorite was the exhibition named “Erwin Blumenfeld: a hidden ritual of beauty” depicting a fashion photo of the 1960’s. Photographs keep memories and immediately take us back in time.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography was opened in 1990 and then moved to its current building in Ebisu Garden Place in 1995. Most of the exhibitions are themed rather than devoted to a single photographer, but some exhibitions have been dedicated to famous photographers of the past.

The library in the gallery has a substantial collection of books containing photographs. Taking photos at the exhibitions is prohibited, but you can purchase some cards or posters in the shop.

There is no fee to enter the building or to visit its research facilities, but each exhibition has an entrance charge.

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