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Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Flashy and futuristic dining experience


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As a tourist I had an image of visiting Tokyo and finding bright lights, loud music and flashy performances. The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku was exactly what I had in mind.

This is the place to see enormous robots battling epic monsters while dancers, music and lights to add to the glamor. Truly a unique experience, you need to view the beautifully outfitted interiors and stages first-hand to appreciate the 10 billion-plus yen invested in the venue.

Video screens and mirrors line the walls, huge chairs are available for optimal comfort and even the theme staircases and jewel-encrusted bathrooms will have you taking photos.

The experience starts out in the dazzling waiting room where you can order drinks, snacks and listen to the robot band performance. The main show is held in a different room with raised seating on both sides and a large open area in the middle within arms reach where the performers and robots make their debut. The main show has too many attractions to list, but you will find robot boxing, dancing girls, drums, monsters, fireworks, laser shows, clowns and more. Some of the robot highlights include neon tanks, enormous female cyborgs and robot dinosaurs that shoot sparks and smoke as they battle. As the show ends, everyone in the audience had their mouths open in amazement and were abuzz with all of the visuals crammed into the two-hour show.

There are normally 3 shows per night at 6, 8, and 10pm (with an additional 4pm show on Saturday and Sunday), but check the schedule to be sure. Drinks and snacks are available starting from JPY 500 and a set meal of sushi is JPY 1000. ​There is a souvenir stand with shirts, glow sticks and more. English info is abundant and most of the staff speak English well.

Getting there

Robot Restaurant is about five minutes from Shinjuku station in the lively Kabukicho area.

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