Sakura around Tokyo

Cherry blossom at the capital's top spots

By Mark Asao    - 1 min read

My first trip to Japan was in March of 2014. We selected this date for the purpose of being able to view the sakura. It is such a beautiful sight and one we don't get to see back home. We were nearing the end of our trip and the sakura had not yet bloomed. But with just a few days remaining, our fortunes turned in our favour. We woke up to the beautiful sight of sakura blooming all over the place. This collection of photos are of the various sakura around Tokyo taken at the Imperial Palace Garden, Asakusa and the little Zenko-ji temple off Aoyama-Dori.

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Mark Asao

Mark Asao @mark.asao

I am a fourth generation Japanese Canadian residing just outside the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.  Into my adulthood I have increasingly become more interested in my heritage.  From learning how to make some of the classic foods like sushi, to learning the language to learning more about Japan in general.  In 2014 I made my first trip to Japan and just loved it.  I returned two more times, in Sept 2016 and again in Nov 2018.  My intention is to share my experiences with everyone here who visits Japan Travel.  I want to help promote travelling to Japan and the Japanese culture.  I also keep a travel blog of my trips in general. 麻生 マーク