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The Donburi of Ameyoko Street

Ueno meets Bangkok bargain street food, sushi style

Having heard so much about Ameyoko Street (situated next to Ueno JR Station), I decided to have a look and see what´s all the fuss about.

Turns out the place is out of the ordinary (in relation to Tokyo). The reason being is because along this narrow street, lines rows of stores selling vegetables, fruits,T-shirts and apparels and there are even eateries along the way. If someone was to just show me a photo of this place, I would have assumed it to be a street in Hong Kong or Bangkok.

However, my objective of coming here was not to buy any fruit or vegetable, Japanese Football Jersey or even soap but to have Sashimi Rice. The reason being is because a Japanese friend of mine told me that the Sashimi Rice Bowls here are cheap and value for money. Nonetheless, I have to admit I was partially distracted by the 300 Yen Kebab that was on offer while I was marching my way through the street in search of this elusive 500 Yen Sashimi Rice Bowl.

After walking for around five minutes, I found it! You can not miss this place for the the menu forms a wall around the shop with all sorts of Sashimi Rice Bowls that you can have. There were Tuna Sashimi Rice Bowl, Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl and even Unagi Rice Bowl and more.

The best thing is if you don´t know Japanese, you can just point and order what you want and that was what I did! Turned out to be a fabulous choice and I have to praise myself for having the foresight in getting this bowl of Sashimi Rice. The portions were sufficient and at 500 yen, definitely well worth it.

I will definitely recommend this place to those on a budget who are looking to try Sashimi Rice Bowls and if you don´t know how to eat them, let me teach you how.

1. Once your order comes and you have your bowl of rice in front of you, take the bottle of Soy Sauce (there´s a normal Soy Sauce and the other is Wasabi Soy Sauce, so choose carefully!) and pour it over your rice bowl.

2. Now eat.

See it´s that simple but its essential that you get the soy sauce into your bowl of rice, if not it wouldn´t taste so good and as that´s how the Japanese eat their Sashimi Rice Bowl, tourists who are here to embrace the Japanese Culture should do the same as well.

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Jeremy Yap Author 10 years ago
whoa neat! so well decorated!
Chris Barnes 10 years ago
Nice article Jeremy. This is one of my favourite foods in Japan ever since i tried it up in Yoichi, Hokkaido. I'll be sure to check this one out! Here's a cell phone pic of the one i had, amazing!!

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