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Searching for Love in Tokyo

Love shrine in Edo-times Tokyo

Want to boost your luck in love? Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is said to be the place for all the lonely souls and troubled lovers out there. Take a short ride to Iidabashi Station from central Tokyo and cross the river outside of the station to your left (plenty of maps are available on the spot). The shrine is not so big and that impressive; however, very neat and pretty (if I can say so). Perhaps the better idea is to visit here during the weekdays, as weekends mean lines, very long lines, this is how popular the shrine is. After you finish your prayers, buy o-mikuji (fortunes written on strips of paper) buy omamori (charms or talisman) and you are all set to go. As you leave, you feel a great boost of confidence. Might as well, the two most powerful gods of Shinto are now taking care of your love life.

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