Iidabashi Tokyo Metro

Your pitstop while crisscrossing the city

By Jeremy Yap    - 3 min read

Iidabashi Tokyo Metro serves four different subway lines, the Toza, Namboku and Yuracho by Tokyo Metro and the Oedo Line (Toei Metro Company). From Iidabashi, you can get to Tokyo Station and visit the Imperial Palace grounds through the Yuracho Line or take the Tozai Line to visit Takadanobaba, home to several ramen shops frequented by university students, as well as Mikado, a vintage arcade game store. On the other hand, if royalty and ramen are not what you are looking for, you can head to Yotsuya through the Namboku line and get some South America Food at Romina.

Iidabashi Metro however, is more than an interchange for subway travelers. Inside the station, there are stores that cater for all the conveniences you require while transiting from one platform to the next. If you happen to be waiting for a friend or sitting out till rush hour passes, you can have a cup of coffee in a quaint little Starbucks sitting at the corner of the station, above the Namboku Line. To pass the time, you can even connect to the Wifi network within Tokyo Metro to surf the internet, use Facebook or to check your email.

If it happens to rain, and you got your shoes dirtied, you can head to a shoe cleaning service outlet in the station to get your shoe cleaned out. In addition, they provide shoe repair services as well as situations when you are part way through your journey and your shoe gave way.

I also thought it was helpful of Tokyo Metro to include brochures and leaflets on places of interest within Japan in a booth that is situated along the walkways while transiting amongst the different stations. For the occasional tourist who are passing by, it will be wise to pick up some of these brochures and give it a look. You never know, you may find a new restaurant within Tokyo that might absolutely blow your mind. Besides leaflets and brochures, there were also a number post card sized metro maps for commuters to carry around with ease. If it is your first time in Tokyo, I highly recommend that you take a copy, for it is essential in surviving the network of train lines in Tokyo.

Lastly, I would recommend visitors to visit Iidabashi as well. Outside this interchange of four lines, there lies a street teeming with life that is worth exploring. Why not drop by at the nearby Canal Cafe?

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