Seaside Top Observatory

An Intimate Observatory in Downtown Tokyo

By Chris Barnes    - 3 min read

The Seaside Top Observatory located in the World Trade Center (WTC) building is another place to enjoy the beautiful views of the Tokyo skyline. Located virtually on top of JR Hamamatsucho station, and close-by to many of Tokyo’s most famous attractions, the WTC is easily accessible to those tourists exploring Tokyo city.

The 152 meter high observatory itself is nothing short of impressive. As I exited the lift, I was immediately greeted by the enthusiastic staff who gave me an information booklet detailing the city skyline from each side of the building. Thanks to a major renovation completed in 2009, the elegant interior of the building is very clean, modern and stylish with lounge chairs running along the walls and plenty of seating for families and couples.

The large glass windows provide unobstructed views of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo SkyTree, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Bay and almost everything in between, with rental binoculars allowing you to take a closer look at everything. One of the things I enjoy the most about this particular observatory is the large amount of viewing space that’s available. Not once did I have to hustle my way to the front of a large crowd to take a photo or merely enjoy the view, there always seems to be enough space to accommodate the crowds. The soft Jazz music, dimly lit interior and comfy lounge chairs create an intimate atmosphere that is easily enjoyed at any time throughout the day.

On each side of the observatory, there are light-boxes with photos of the immediate view, detailing the main buildings. Similarly on the east side, a miniature city featuring touch panel lighting to highlight the key areas around Tokyo Bay. If this isn’t enough, there’s also a wedding hall for you to enjoy your special day.

To access the Seaside Top Observatory, simply make your way to JR Hamamatsucho station, which services the JR Yamanote Line and the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, and the Tokyo Monorail, and follow the signs to the WTC building where you will find the observatory entrance on the 1st floor. Alternatively, you can access the WTC building from the Daimon subway station via the TOEI Oedo and Asakusa Lines.

At the reception desk on the first floor, visitors can purchase their tickets to the observatory priced for adults and high school students at 620 yen, junior high school and elementary school students at 360 yen, and preschoolers at 260 yen. The Seaside Top observatory is open daily from 10:00~20:30.

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