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Sengaku-ji Temple in Shirokanedai

The burial place of 47 ronin

One step from the main street in the modern Shirokanedai district and you find yourself time travelling. A turn into a small side street opens up a different world right in front of your eyes. You are walking through tiny alleys, passing by quiet old cemeteries and little charming shrines. This is the way to Sengaku-ji temple. It is the burial place of 47 ronin. The tale of 47 ronin is a Japanese legend about a band of ronin (leaderless samurai) who avenged the death of their master. After that, they were obliged to commit seppuku for their terrible crime of murder.

In Sengaku-ji temple area there is a museum, where short movies are played, explaining the 47 ronin story. There are also shops with 'samurai' souvenirs. Each year on December 14, the temple holds a festival commemorating the 47 Rōnin.

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