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Sharehouse Ikebukuro in Shiinamachi

Cozy residential area and convenient living in Tokyo

Setting up for a long-term stay in Japan doesn't need to be a difficult experience. With Stay&Tokyo, share houses are highly accessible for foreigners and tourists looking to spend an extended time in the Tokyo area. This share house-style living just a stone's throw away from Ikebukuro offers a fantastic location for an affordable price.

Cozy Historical Neighborhood

Sharehouse Ikebukuro in Shiinmachi offers long-term residence—ideal for students and working professionals alike—to international and Japanese guests looking to experience living in a typical Japanese residential area. It is only 1 minute away from the nearest station and conveniently located near supermarkets, convenience stores, a large park and plenty of small, local eateries. Residents who are looking for some excitement and more of a bigger city feel need only take a 3-minute train ride over to bustling Ikebukuro. However, there’s plenty to explore in charming Shiinamachi, an area also known as the birthplace of manga in Japan—its famous residents have included Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Black Jack), Fujio Fujiko (Doraemon), Shotaro Ishimori (Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009). Former residences and other places of historical note related to these influential artists are dotted around the area. Shiinamachi is a true gem, full of old world charm that's hard to find these days in a modern metropolis like Tokyo. There are unlikely sights such as rice ball shops, sushi shops that have been in business for 50 years, and even a stylish cafe that used to be a pork cutlet restaurant.

Typical shopping street in the area
Typical shopping street in the area

Accommodation and Amenities

Sharehouse Ikebukuro has a total of seven share houses—one of which is women-only—and they are located in a tall, seven-story building that has an intercom security system and free bicycle parking for residents. The share houses are furnished with all the modern necessities: Wi-Fi, a washing machine, a fridge, a vacuum cleaner, to mention just a few. Each individual room has the basics needed for a comfortable stay: a bed, a closet, a desk, a chair, air-conditioning and a mirror—as well as a welcome kit for new guests, which includes a sample shampoo and conditioner set, washing powder, and a small towel.

3rd floor common space
3rd floor common space

All utilities are included in the rent fee, so there is only one bill to pay each month. Furthermore, professional cleaners stop by the apartment each week to clean the common area and kitchen, keeping it spotless.

However, Sharehouse Ikebukuro's true charm is the sense of community it helps create. With only two or three people in each share house, it gives residents a chance to get to know each other better. Many cook at home together, and become great friends—with residents from over 47 countries, it's a great chance to learn about other cultures and create and international community of one's own.

Stay&Tokyo Services

Stay&Tokyo offers a variety of extra services, including pocket Wi-Fi rental, a pick-up service when you arrive, and an around-the-clock emergency service in case residents have any problems. Stay&Tokyo staff also speak a multitude of languages, including English, French, Japanese and Chinese, so that residents can feel comfortable asking questions and discussing things in their native language.

The company’s own bar, Speakeasy, in Otsuka offers a great chance to meet residents in other share houses, as well as locals—and best of all, Stay&Tokyo residents get two free drink tickets there each month! The bar is a melting pot of people from all over the world, and holds regular events, including the Language Corner, where people can learn or teach languages while nibbling on special country-themed snacks.

To sign up for a room at Sharehouse Ikebukuro—or any other of Stay&Tokyo’s offerings—simply fill out an inquiry form.

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