Flowers Common, Shibuya

A stylish, lively cafe in the Hikarie tower

By Peter Sidell    - 3 min read

Right next to Shibuya station, the Hikarie building is a popular destination for both shopping and eating; and with a good number of restaurants and cafes competing for business, it's possible to eat well without breaking the bank. On the seventh floor one evening I chose to have my dinner at Flowers Common, and enjoyed a good, filling but reasonably priced meal in friendly, relaxed surroundings.

There's a really unhurried feel to the interior; it's spacious and spread out with a covered veranda-like area, plenty of greenery, and comfortably upholstered chairs and couches at many of the tables. The high ceiling and complete lack of partitions adds to the feeling of openness in the main dining area at the front, with high-mounted spotlights spreading a diffuse light that's clear but not harsh. It creates a very relaxed atmosphere, where I felt completely at ease to take my time over ordering and eating, helped by cheerful staff who were attentive but never pressed or rushed me.

The first part of my dinner set was a potato salad with smoked salmon: the potato had an enjoyable mix of textures, smooth but with pleasantly crunchy sardine fry on top, the salmon light and full of flavour. My main dish was Hainan chicken rice, the lusciously tender steamed chicken nicely offset by the pickled cucumber and assorted dips that came with it. I also scored a tiny dessert, a delicious offcut of the epic maple walnut French toast belonging to the friendly women at the next table with whom I'd got chatting.

The bilingual menu is a big mix of all kinds of different dishes. The "Favourites" page features tandoori chicken and fish and chips for ¥980 each, while there are rice plates for between ¥1030 and ¥1280, such as Thai yellow curry, green rice with fried chicken, and salmon and avocado bibimbap; pasta dishes cost around the same, and include vongole, spaghetti in tomato sauce with olive and squid, and fusilli chow mein. For something sweeter, French toast is ¥850 for the maple walnut or ¥980 for berry berry, or cakes such as ginger chocolate gateau, baked cheesecake or fruit tart cost from ¥600 to ¥680. Drinks include a range of iced teas, coffees, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, starting at ¥430 and going up to around ¥950 for an aged whisky.

Well located and reasonably priced, Flowers Common is a great option for a languorous lunch, afternoon cake and coffee, or relaxed dinner with friends.

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