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Shibuya Halloween 2024

The good, the bad and the terrifying shenanigans

Venue: Shibuya Station When: Late Oct 2024

Even on a normal day, Shibuya Crossing can be mayhem, but this madness turns into some spooky chaos during Halloween. The holiday has been steadily building momentum in Japan over the past few years, with Shibuya home to the action.

Unofficial street parties at Shibuya Station typically take place around the end of October, with temporary changing rooms and extra bathroom facilities often set up in the area to accommodate the influx of people spilling onto the streets. The first recorded year of the Shibuya Halloween parties was 2014, and the size and number of party goers has been growing ever since.

Contact lenses were in this year
Contact lenses were in this year

Of course, if you want to join in be sure to show up in your own costume. Some great places to start looking are Don Quijote and even Daiso for budget-friendly options.

Do note that since 2018, public drinking during the event has been banned by police. This ban is in effect from October 28th to 31st, and extends to alcohol sales being prohibited by retailers in the area. It’s also a criminal offense for anyone to be climbing on railings, street lights, statues, roofs, etc.

Shibuya Crossing, not for the faint hearted
Shibuya Crossing, not for the faint hearted

It's also important to note that since this is an unofficial and largely unregulated gathering to use common sense if you do plan on attending. Officials are still wary of COVID risks that come with large group congregations, despite a number of pandemic restrictions being abolished or loosened.

A final word of warning for anyone who attends – please carry your garbage home. Trash cans will be full everywhere and have even been the subject of city announcements.

Here are some more visual highlights from previous years:

This greeted me along with thousands of people as I exited the train station
This greeted me along with thousands of people as I exited the train station

Pikachu!!! Kawaii!!!
Pikachu!!! Kawaii!!!

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