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Shichifukuya Ramen Takadanobaba

Slow down with pork at this chic eatery

Ramen shops in Japan tend to be deemed as fast food. Just look at some of the people who come in, order their food, slurp their noodles rapidly and poof! gone in 60 seconds! I`m not kidding! So where to go then? if you are looking for a ramen place with good Char Siew (Chinese style Barbeque Pork) ramen where you can sit down and chat with your friends? Well head down to Shichifukuya Ramen store located in the vicinity of Waseda University and Takadanobaba. You know its a good ramen place by how old it is, and with an ancient looking vending machine, it`s definitely good! The restaurant is also smoke free from 12 pm to 5 pm.

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