Enjoy the Twinkle Horse Races! (Photo: a-momo@chive.ocn.ne.jp)
Nov 15th
Enjoy the Twinkle Horse Races! (Photo: a-momo@chive.ocn.ne.jp)

Shinagawa History, Izakaya, and Horse Racing Walking Tour 2019

Experience Shinagawa sights, drinks, and races by foot

Venue: Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan When: Friday - Nov 15th 2019

It's time for adults (ages 20 and up) to have a relaxing time just for them. This 3-hour guided walking tour on November 15th will lead guests along Shinagawa streets to temples, fascinating local sites, a traditional Japanese pub, before watching some Tokyo City keiba (horse racing). Let the local, English-speaking guide take you along the former Tokaido Road, only 30 minutes from central Tokyo.

This evening walking tour will take you through the history of Shinagawa, all with the reliable guidance of a knowledgeable local. Meet at Aomono-yokocho Station to begin this 2.5 km-tour of some incredible sights. You’ll see places that illustrate the shift in eras between Edo and Meiji as well as learning about people and places that made it happen. But this tour isn’t all classwork, as you’ll soon discover.


Visit Shinagawa’s oldest temple erected in the 9th century, or so it’s said. Honsenji is a temple famous for the seated bronze jizo statue, one of six that were created and placed at the entrances to Old Edo when the city was beginning to blossom. The yokogaeri bell is another famed feature of Honsenji along with the 600-year old ginkgo tree.

See the beautiful bronze jizo statue.
See the beautiful bronze jizo statue.


Founded in 1251, Kaiunji Temple is a Soto Zen temple. Not only is this temple located along the southern end of a former post station area on the former Tokaido Road it also enshrines one of the more unique Japanese kami (gods); Sanpo-kojin controls fire and is the protector of kitchens and cooking. Maybe get in a quick prayer if you need to stop burning your eggs.

Visit the lovely Kaiunji.
Visit the lovely Kaiunji.

Hamakawa Hodai & Sakamoto Ryoma Statue

Relax at Shinagawa Hanakaido after visiting the two temples. Here you’ll see a beautiful sunset and flowers before walking to Hamakawa Hodai, a site of great historical importance. Nearby, you can gaze upon the stoic statue of Sakamoto Ryoma, one of the most important figures in the transitory Bakumatsu era.

Sakamoto Ryoma is a famous figure from Japanese history.
Sakamoto Ryoma is a famous figure from Japanese history.

Oyamano Taisho Izakaya

With history lessons out of the way, it’s time to get your fill of some delicious cuisine. Prepare your appetite for Oyamano Taisho izakaya. The “Lord of the Mountain” as it’s translated, is a little-known gem among locals and other horse-racing fans. Enjoy meat skewers and drinks before heading out for the final event of the night.

Will you be King of the Mountain at this izakaya?
Will you be King of the Mountain at this izakaya?

Twinkle Horse Races

Welcome to Tokyo’s last existing racecourse for horse racing. The Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse) is a special place for racing enthusiasts and there’s always a lively and fun atmosphere even first-timers can enjoy. Join the crowds and cheer for your favorite horse and jockey duo at the famous Twinkle Horse Races, a beautiful night experience. Betting tickets are not included in the price of the tour.

Getting there

The tour begins from Aomono-yokocho Station on the Keikyu Line.

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