Shinagawa Prince Hotel, East Tower

Business hotel option within a multi-tower complex

By Ekaterina Bespyatova    - 2 min read

This was the first time for me to try out this popular Tokyo hotel. Its main draw is the location: right off JR Shinagawa Station, one of Tokyo’s major transportation hubs. There’s a direct express train between Shinagawa and Narita Airport (the Narita Express), and direct service to Haneda Airport on the Keisei Line. This was perfect for me, since I was just staying in Tokyo overnight during my layover from my international flight arriving at Narita. I would continue with my domestic flight departing from Haneda.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel Complex is huge. It’s comprised of four towers that represent options for different budgets, with the East Tower, where I stayed, being the most reasonably priced. The East Tower is just your ordinary business hotel: small rooms, tiny bathrooms—but there’s everything you need to comfortably spend the night. I’d caution a big person from staying there, though.

It’s a very easy and short walk from Shinagawa Station’s Takanawa Exit (you basically just cross the street). All stairs on the way are equipped with either an escalator or a luggage ramp, so you don’t have to lift your suitcase even once. At check-in you pay upfront, and then you don’t need to check-out at all, you just drop your keycard in the box at the reception on your way out.

There’s some entertainment around (the popular Maxell Aqua Park, which I didn’t have time to check out) and plenty of dining options, but bear in mind that most of the restaurants close around 10 pm. At 11 the only food I could get was at a convenience store. Overall, I’m happy with my two stays there and would definitely consider making the Shinagawa Prince my hotel of choice the next time I visit Tokyo.

​P.S. Breakfast is not included in the price, and I wouldn't recommend paying for their breakfast—it's too expensive, you can always find something to eat outside. The use of some facilities, like the swimming pool, also requires an extra fee.

Getting there

A five-minute walk from Shinagawa Station's Takanawa Exit. You just need to exit and cross the street.

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