Kabukicho and Omoide Yokocho

 By Stefanus Husin   Jul 8, 2014

Shinjuku station: the world's busiest station by far. A place where over 3 million people pass through every single day. A commuter hub where more than 10 different train lines converge. A modern day railway maze where you can easily get lost.

It is also an area where entertainment, shopping, nightlife, and a red-light district fuse into one, creating a complex and buzzing metropolitan city. Thousands of people visit Shinjuku everyday, either for their meals, meeting up with friends, the bars/nightclubs, or tourists passing through to do sightseeing and shopping.

At Nishi-Shinjuku to the west, skyscrapers dominate the skyline business district, which is where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (TMG) lies. Don't forget Omoide Yokocho, which is also known as Memory Lane, or (so I have heard) Piss Alley. There are lots of small places to eat at here selling yakitori, ramen, sushi and soba. The air is filled with an amazing grilled food smell. The shops are really small, and on average most of them can only seat around 10 people or so.

You will see lots of locals and tourist sitting and just waiting for their yakitori to be grilled and served. I’m sure after passing by these lanes, you will definitely want to try out the yakitori skewers including grilled meatballs, chicken skin etc.

Kabukicho is also home to a famous red-light district (of sorts). It is one of Japan's wildest areas, a place where various services are offered to meet every kind of taste. There are bars, nightclubs, restaurants and love hotels around as well! This place is filled with neon lights everywhere that will attract your eyes like a moth attracted to light.

You can also find the famous Robot Restaurant here as well - basically a bunch of scantily clad women dancing and operating robots. Yes, you read that right! They have a huge size robot and it is controllable. I'm sure it will be one of the most unique things you will ever see!

You will be amazed at what these world famous Shinjuku areas look like. Sometimes it just feel so surreal, the mixture of modernization with the old. The photos I have included will give you a glimpse at how it looks!

Written by Stefanus Husin
Japan Travel Member

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Mithun Divakaran a year ago
Kabukicho is probably the safest red light district I have ever been to! :) Then again, it's like no other red light district. There's nothing really seedy about it.
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
I heard that Kabukicho has a bad wrap. But, I always have a ton of fun there...
Stefanus Husin Author 2 years ago
Hmmm likewise I had tons of fun when I was there!
Erika Arceo 2 years ago
Lots of useful information here. I wouldn't want to miss Shinjuku out when I get the chance to travel Japan.
Stefanus Husin Author 2 years ago
Definitely don't miss it! It have its own charm!
Stefanus Husin Author 3 years ago
@Nicole Bauer, Thank you! Yeap it definitely is! All packed into one.
Nicole Bauer 3 years ago
Fantastic photos Stefanus and a nice article. That's Shinjuku with all its different faces!