Hakata Kozara Teppan Beppinshan Interior (Photo: Yaruki Company)
Hakata Kozara Teppan Beppinshan Interior (Photo: Yaruki Company)
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Hakata Kozara Teppan Beppinshan

Yaruki Company’s latest restaurant

Yaruki Company, which aims to “disseminate memorable products and human resources to the world,” has opened several restaurants across Tokyo that specialize in different dishes, including hamburger steak, tempura, oden, and most recently, Hakata small plate and teppanyaki! With these restaurants, Yaruki Company seeks to spread the culture of Japanese cuisine throughout Tokyo.

Photo: Yaruki Company

Hakata Kozara Teppan Beppinshan will sell teppanyaki and make it widely available for everyone to enjoy. Teppanyaki is typically seen as a high-class meal and is generally served as a single dish at many establishments. However, at Yaruki Company’s new restaurant, guests can order the meal al la carte and enjoy a number of small dishes featuring different ingredients and tastes. The idea of serving small teppanyaki plates in such a manner has not been seen before.

Kuroge Wagyu beef and green onion sukiyaki
Kuroge Wagyu beef and green onion sukiyaki (Photo: Yaruki Company)

Along with the teppanyaki, the eatery will sell fresh fish and beef. Each dish will be served with ingredients like miso, soy sauce, yuzu pepper, and other fresh seasonings. These ingredients are fresh from Kyushu, courtesy of owner Takashi Yamamoto’s connections with the Yanagibashi Union Market in Fukuoka and the "Hita yakisoba noodles" restaurant in Hita City, Oita Prefecture.

Hakata One Plate Cooked Dumplings
Hakata One Plate Cooked Dumplings (Photo: Yaruki Company)

The interior of the restaurant combines modern with casual, creating an environment for everyone—from office workers to families looking for a night out. Hakata Small Plate Teppan Beppinshan takes a dish many people in Japan love and puts a spin on it, creating something delicious and accessible. This restaurant, similar to the others underneath the Yaruki Company umbrella, accomplishes its goal of delivering delicious food to many people's mouths. Hakata Kozara Teppan Beppinshan’s success is worth commending and illustrates why everyone should stop by and experience the deliciously prepared cuisine.

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