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Shiro-no-Niwa at Ebisu's New Atre West

Seafood cuisine and more in the heart of Tokyo

Shiro-no-Niwa (シロノニワ) newly opened its doors on April 15th 2016 along with the rest of Atre West, the latest gourmet and shopping destination to land in Tokyo's Ebisu district.

From the same group behind Bistro Shiro and Shiro-no-sea, and with the garden exterior produced by self-styled 'plant hunter' Seijun Nishihata, Shiro-no-Niwa (lit. 'Castle Garden') is a combined seafood restaurant and rooftop bar in one, located in the heart of Ebisu with impressive views of the surrounding city from its neighboring Atre Sky Garden.

Expect to try the seafood classics here—including South American-style ceviche with fresh, raw seafood cured in citrus juices and spiced with chili, or the Provençal fish stew classic, Bouillabaisse—as well as a real emphasis on tapas-style dining options, with the lobster meat crostini and guacamole with tortilla chips both proving unique yet tasty choices. Through its menu and setting, Shiro-no-Niwa combines influences from multiple cultures to deliver a unique experience to hungry diners.

About Atre West

Newly opened in April 2016, Atre Ebisu West (アトレ恵比寿西館) brings 8 floors of shopping and dining just seconds from Ebisu Station, in Shibuya ward, Tokyo. A number of well-known or up-and-coming brands have set up shop here, including Muji, San Tropez, Cosme Kitchen, W&E and Peek-a-Boo. A number of cafes and eateries can also be found here, including Shake Shack's 2nd Tokyo location, San Tropez, Sarutahiko Coffee, Bar Marche Kodama, not to mention the top-floor's Shiro-no-Niwa restaurant and its parallel Atre Sky Garden.