The relaxed atmosphere of Stickers bar showing selection of beverages and flat screen television.
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Sticker's International Bar

A musical oasis in Gotanda

The name may be unusual but the only thing that is ‘sticky’ about Sticker's International Bar is the fact that you may want to ‘stick around’ and enjoy a drink or two in relaxed, comfortable surroundings on an enjoyable night out in Tokyo.

Although new to Tokyo’s bar scene, recently opened in October 2013, the joint foreign and Japanese owners have invested a lot into providing good equipment, furnishings and interior décor for all visitors to enjoy. Newcomers and regular customers alike are invited to use the in-house apple mac, state of the art karaoke system, or watch overseas television on the large flat screen television provided. Request your favorite track to the friendly bar staff or enjoy music from a large selection of current pop music, R&B, soul, reggae, rap, disco classics, rock and electronic music. Most evenings start off in an ambient way but pick up the pace as the crowd gathers.

Sticker's offers a selection of lively events throughout the month. Ladies night is normally held on Wednesday and the popular karaoke party on the last Saturday of the month. A selection of live DJ and live music events are also held – please check out the bar website for further details.

Whether you're a newcomer to Tokyo, or even a local, but are on an entertainment budget, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sticker's has a good selection alcoholic beverages starting from very reasonable prices, typically ¥300 upwards. All standard drinks are available, as well as a good selection of cocktails and Japanese beer on tap. Foreign beers are available in a bottle. Visitors can take advantage of bargain drinks prices during the daily happy hour that lasts from 18:00-20:00. If you’re feeling on the hungry side, a selection of bar food staples are available, including some more far flung recipes such as African style spicy fried beef. Depending on the level of custom, you may have to wait a little while for your food, (unless you made a pre-booking), so be warned!

Although not huge, the clean and well ventilated bar area and lounge offers a spacious bar deck and seating, as well as comfortable lounge seats and a VIP room. Bar staff are talkative, helpful and friendly. If you go as a group and want to mingle with the crowd while enjoying your own space, the VIP room comes highly recommended (seats up to 8 persons). For visitors that want to sample something more out of the ordinary, a sheesha is available for rent. A variety of scented tobacco is available on request.

As the name suggests, Stickers enjoys an international crowd of party goers and draws from a wide distribution of people living in the Tokyo area, as well as visitors from overseas. If you’re looking to meet and connect with a mixed crowd, paying a visit to Sticker's can be a good way to extend your network of friends and acquaintances in the local foreign community/Japanese community, and with like-minded travelers.

If a few drinks or puffing on some scented tobacco hasn’t sullied your aim, you may want to try your hand on the bar darts machine. Winners may be lucky enough to win a drink on the house at the discretion of the friendly owners!

In all, Sticker's Bar is an oasis of good music and reasonably priced drinks within easy walking distance from JR Gotanda Station (Yamanote Line) or the Tokyo Metro Toei Asakusa line. A visit to Sticker's Bar can be incorporated into a larger party plan for your evening out, or as a main watering hole on your tour of surrounding Gotanda. Private parties and group bookings are also available on request.

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