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Tokyo's Ikegami Line 'Top 10'

Lesser-known sightseeing spots between Gotanda & Kamata

Here is a list of the 'Top 10' sightseeing spots along the Tokyu Ikegami Line in order of their location, starting in Gotanda.

1) The TOC is a center for wholesale distribution of clothing, handbags, interior goods, cosmetics, and more. Although mostly for dealers, they do occasionally sell to the public - especially during one of their frequent bargain sales. The basement and first floor are a mini low-end shopping mall.

2) With over 400 shops lining a single 1.3 kilometer street, Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is the longest in Tokyo. With the recently completed burial of all electric power lines along the street, its atmosphere is better than ever.

3) Togoshi Koen is a lovely park about 15 minutes walk from the shotengai. It was built on the ruins of an Edo-era residence of the Hosokawa feudal lord. The park contains a pond, bridges, a waterfall, and some lovely historic gates. There are also a few small temples and shrines in the immediate vicinity.

4) The Ikegami Line crosses with Tokyu Oimachi Line in Hatanodai and shopping streets branch off in all directions. There are lots of great shops and restaurants to choose from, including 'Kitchen Hanna Mamma', one of my favorite Italian restaurants.

5) Kamiikedai Koike Koen is a park that is mainly a small lake in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Visitors can see blooming cherry trees in the spring and wild grasses hiding a number of birds, including herons, kingfishers, etc. The park is about ten minutes walk from Senzokuike Station.

6) Senzokuike is a lovely little lake with a history - it was once the 'footbath' of the famous Buddhist priest, Nichiren. A true Tokyo oasis, there is a lovely path around the lake that passes a couple of temples, a shrine, a playground, and more. The lake is right beside Senzokuike Station.

7) Ontake Jinja near Ontakesan Station dates back to 1535 and was originally very small, but grew in size during the Edo Era. The grounds contain a number of interesting buildings and statues.

8) Ikegami Honmonji Temple was founded by the famous priest, Nichiren Shonin, before he passed away in 1282. It is one of the most impressive temple compounds in Tokyo. However, the temple is not that well known, so the grounds are usually very quiet. Visitors must walk down a charming shopping street from Ikegami Station to get to the main entrance.

9) Kamata's Sunrise & Sunroad are two parallel covered shopping arcades just outside the west exit of Kamata Station. They are very lively and full of bargains. Behind them is a cool area full of tiny bars that comes to life every evening.

10) An abundance of sento, or traditional public baths, containing real hot springs water are Shinagawa and Ota Ward's best kept secret. There are 46 bathhouses in Ota Ward alone, many within walking distance of a station along the Ikegami Line. Check out this fantastic multi-lingual website: http://www.ota1010.com/j_main.html

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Elena Lisina 7 years ago
Tokyo's districts are very different indeed! Thanks for the photos!
Justin Velgus 8 years ago
Fun list. I haven't been to any but I think it is a creative itinerary to highlight.
If I want to go to all of them, is there an all day train pass I could buy?
Sandra Isaka Author 8 years ago
Good question. I know Tokyu has day passes for other lines, but I don't think they have one for the Ikegami Line as there is no demand (until now)!
Mandy Bartok 8 years ago
Wow - I hadn't heard of any of these spots! Togoshi Koen sounds lovely, and the Hosokawa lords are from down here in Kumamoto prefecture. Now I definitely have to stop by when we come to Tokyo. :)
Sandra Isaka Author 8 years ago
We did visit Gyobutei and were impressed. Now that I think about it, I believe that I put it on my list after reading your article!
Nicole Bauer 8 years ago
Great input! I love this kind of off-the-beaten-path articles. This is how you really get to know Tokyo. Thanks as well for the great suggestions in terms of the baths. So many in that area, I had no idea...
Nicole Bauer 8 years ago
Thanks for letting me know Sandy. I definitely goes on my list!

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