Street Art in Tennozu Isle

Surprising colorful street art amidst skyscrapers

By Jaclynn Seah    - 1 min read

Tennozu Isle is a little island. At first glance, it seems like an office complex with skyscrapers and high buildings as you get off the monorail. The area is filled with busy salarymen and women walking by very quickly. It seems like an odd place to come across street art, but it was the main area for POW! WOW! Japan 2015. It is an off shoot of POW! WOW!, which is a street art festival first started in Hawaii that has since spread across the globe. The works were painted by a roster of international and Japanese artists, with the highlight being a 12-story tall sumo wrestler that can be seen from a distance. Some of the works that remain from the festival can be found along Bond Street on the western side of the isle.

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