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Eco Edo Nihonbashi 2018

Enjoy "Cool Edo" in Tokyo with all five senses

The annual ECO EDO Nihonbashi is back in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district from July 6 to September 24.

Sponsored by the ECO EDO Nihonbashi Executive Committee and Meikyo "Nihonbashi" Hozonkai, the event features a wide range of exhibitions and events, that aim to present creative processes and techniques to keep cool during the summer. Some of these date back to the Edo period, but have been reinterpreted for contemporary and present day use.

Some of the features include viewing goldfish, lanterns and fireworks, as well as wearing yukata robes and enjoying a wide range of "cool" dishes. This allows visitors to enjoy the Edo-period-inspired wisdom in a modern Japanese aesthetic.

Super Oiran which is three times larger than before.
Super Oiran which is three times larger than before.

What's new this year is the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium 2018: Edo, Coolness of Kingyo and Night Aquarium that includes aquatic art exhibitions and goldfish-designed goods. This year's theme is "True Japan", with a dream-like "cooling" space styled with thousands of fishes including goldfish and koi carp.

There is also a new limited-time menu for September, offered for the first time. One item of interest is the Salvatore Cuomo Bros, which is luxury goldfish parfait with grapes.

A display of goldfish echoing Edo-style aesthetics
A display of goldfish echoing Edo-style aesthetics

Some of the features include: the Prisrium, a polyhedron aquarium that shines like diamonds; the new version of the Byouburium, an artwork that showcases the fusion of virtual and the real, blending real goldfish and the well-loved Super Oiran, which has been symbolic since the inception of the Art Aquarium. The new Oiran is three times the scale of the original and highlights the golden age of fleshpots during the Edo period.

One type of fish used for the exhibition is the Kingyo (goldfish). The ones used specifically for the exhibition have been carefully chosen by General Producer, Hidetomo Kimura. He picks based on the condition, colors and pattern. After the exhibition, they are released back to where they come from.

The goldfish is the highlight of the exhibition
The goldfish is the highlight of the exhibition

The water environment technology at the Art Aquarium is also well-maintained, echoing the ecosystem that the fishes would naturally live in. Described as "living jewels," the Kingyo are well taken care of throughout the entire exhibition.

Getting there

The event is being held in Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall: the nearest stations are Mitsukoshimae Station (Ginza, Hanzomon lines) and Shin-Nihonbashi Station (Sobu Rapid line).

More info

Find out more about Art Aquarium Museum.

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