Takao mountain in the Tokyo suburbs

 By Elena Lisina   Oct 25, 2016

Takaosan is a good place for hiking as it suggests a few different hiking trails. Visitors mostly use Trail #1, which is broad, paved and passes through all major sites. The way to the top takes about 1.5 hours. The other trails are narrower, unpaved and more natural. Also, you can use the cablecar or chair lift that leads visitors halfway up the mountain. Near the cablecar's top station, there is an observation deck from where you can look out over Tokyo, while the summit (599 m) offers views of Fujisan on clear days. Considered a sacred mountain, Takaosan has been a center of worship for more than 1000 years. Many visitors come to Yakuoin temple to pray to Shinto and Buddhist mountain gods Tengu for good fortune.

Keio Railways offer the cheapest and fastest connections to Takaosan. Direct semi-limited express trains, which take about 50 minutes and ¥390, leave the underground Keio Shinjuku station every 20 minutes. Takaosanguchi Station, the train's terminal station, is located at the foot of the mountain.

Photography by Elena Lisina
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