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Toki Lab: Hands-On Washoku Cooking Class

Traditional cooking, new adventure

When visitors book their tickets for Tokyo, they imagine the simple beauty of Japanese style, the high tech city scape, and sampling all the best foods Japan has to offer. But what if you could learn to cook these dishes yourself? And not just any cooking class but a hands-on private lesson with experienced Japanese chefs.

In the heart of one of Tokyo’s most prominent upscale and modern neighborhoods is TOKITARAZU, an elegant yet traditional Japanese restaurant. They offer not only exceptional dishes, but also a unique cooking experience called Toki Lab.

TOKITARAZU's experienced chefs stand by closely, encouraging and guiding students through each step. From prepping sushi rice (Sumeshi) or making Dashi soup stock, to creating thin Japanese-style egg omelettes, and then battering and frying the Tatsutaage chicken.

Students also learn about setting the table in a Japanese style, presenting the dishes, and creating side dishes to complement the cooking.

The whole course takes about 3 hours to complete, and of course, enough time to sit down and enjoy your meal. The course is offered in English and Japanese, making it easy to understand while learning some new Japanese vocabulary. After the lesson is finished, the SNS pictures have been taken, and the meal enjoyed, students are given a copy of the recipe to take home. The whole course is fun for locals and visitors alike.

So come out and try Toki Lab at TOKITARAZU for a new cooking adventure in a traditional way! You can experience healthy and traditional Japanese food culture, which brings out the original flavor of ingredients, provides excellent nutrition balance, and also helps you enjoy a long life and keep you in shape.

Getting there

Tokitarazu is located about 5 minutes from Hiroo Station (take Exit 2), but can also be reached in about 10 minutes from Ebisu station, to the east side.


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Kim 5 years ago
Love that the class is offered in English and Japanese - it's great for people traveling to Japan who may not speak the language.