Homework’s Hiroo

Burgers, sandwiches and more at this cozy corner store

By Kim B    - 2 min read

If you're after an American-style burger in Tokyo, the Hiroo stalwart Homework's is a great place to stop into. The store has been operating since 1985, and has a range of tasty menu options to choose from.

There are all the regular offerings that one may expect at a burger joint, including your standard hamburger, cheeseburger, and avocado burger, alongside some more unique offerings like teriyaki burgers, blue cheese burgers and chili burgers topped with your choice of either regular or hot chili con carne. The store also has an impressive range of vegetarian selections, which was refreshing to see for a restaurant specializing in burgers. Some of the vegetarian options include grilled eggplant sandwiches, falafel burgers, and veggie burgers made with soybean patties.

If you are visiting the store with children, the premises is family friendly. High chairs are readily available, and there are a number of kids meals to choose from. The kids meal portions are sizable too - our little ones picked out the hamburger kids set and grilled cheese kids set, and the adults had to help them out with finishing their meals!

The store also has special seasonal burgers on offer. When we visited, my husband tested out the Hiroo Burger, which substituted a regular hamburger bun for two fluffy, Japanese style pancakes. He raved about how delicious it was, despite being a touch skeptical before he dug in. If you're after something unique that mixes sweet and savory, this might be a good one for you!

Menus are available at the store in English as well as Japanese, and they also offer home delivery if you live in the local area. The home delivery menu is available on their website.

Getting there

Homework’s in Hiroo is located under 5 minutes on foot from Hiroo Station, on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

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Kim B

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Elizabeth S 5 months ago
The burgers look healthful, too, with fresh ingredients. And it looks like they’ve got something to appeal to every diner. It’s on my list for next Tokyo foray.
Kim B Author 5 months ago
That's one thing I really liked. They weren't super greasy and didn't leave me feeling like I'd just ingested bucketloads of oil. It's a good spot if you're visiting with a few people who all might want something different to eat.
Cathy Cawood 5 months ago
I just started working a couple of days in Hiroo, so I'll have to check out this place!
Kim B Author 5 months ago
Totally agree, Bonson! Every time we are in Tokyo we crave burgers and tend to go on burger expeditions trying to find the ones we like best!
Sleiman Azizi 5 months ago
Hamburgers are pretty much a guaranteed winner with kids (and adults).
Kim B Author 5 months ago
You're not wrong!!