Tokyo Comedy Store Open Mic Night

Enjoy English-language stand-up comedy in Tokyo!

By Niek Ceylan    - 1 min read

Locals and tourists alike, Tokyo Comedy Store invites everyone to have a fun night loaded with international comedy. Tokyo Comedy Store was established in 1995 for those who want to just watch English and Japanese comedy, or for people to try out their new jokes and perform them for an excited audience, with a regular open mic show at Double Tall Cafe in Shibuya. The open atmosphere and the reasonable prices - most shows are free and just ask that you buy a drink or two - make these little events very inviting! At the website you can find locations, dates and more information.

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Niek Ceylan

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Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Nice! Still gotta get to this event!
I like the video Nick , probably better if I can hear what jokes they talking about!^^