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Tokyo Pearl is a unique company specializing in pearls and diamonds. Their uniqueness comes from being both a wholesaler and a retailer. Through their hands-on approach to their merchandise, from source to storefront, they cut out the middle-man and consistently sell high quality products at very reasonable prices.

As an integrated trading company dealing in pearls and diamonds, Tokyo Pearl has more than 50 years of experience purchasing a wide variety of products in quantity from all over the world and supplying them in a timely and consistent manner to clients. Their stated goal is to be a "World Recognized Jeweler" covering all aspects of the jewelry industry. In order to achieve this, they have been directly accessing the leading jewelry markets in the world via their established network of local suppliers.

In the pearl division, for example, Tokyo Pearl deals in Akoya as well as Black Tahiti and White South Sea varieties, which they are among the first in the world to handle. In particular, their contribution to the marketing and promotion of Black Tahiti pearls has been highly regarded by the Tahitian government, with sales destinations for these now covering the entire globe.

In the diamond division, Tokyo Pearl established its own factory for the cutting and polishing of raw stones in Bangkok in order to achieve a significant reduction in production cost. Their advanced method of cutting using the latest 3-D computer simulation technology provides great power to develop the latest high-grade jewelry.

In addition to their wholesale materials business, in which they find the “ingredients” to their creations right at the source, Tokyo Pearl works hard on the planning and development of beautiful jewelry. They see themselves as agents for the consumer, doing their best to manufacture the highest quality, lowest cost jewelry possible based on what customers want. They have earned such a respected position in the industry that they even supply their own planned and designed jewelry to famous fashion brand companies as OEM products. This means that you can purchase brand-quality jewelry without paying brand markups!

Visit Tokyo Pearl in Ginza to see why they are such an admired leader in their industry. It's just a 3-minute walk from the Higashi-Ginza Subway Station (Exit #4) on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line or Toei Asakusa Line.

Tokyo Pearl is open 11am to 7pm, except Tues and holidays.

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