Forty-five minutes from Chofu Airport, Kozushima Island can also be access by a twelve-hour ferry or four hour high-speed ferry from Takeshiba Pier. Dominated by the rocky Mt. Tenjo, the island is a paradise with excellent hiking, swimming and diving opportunities. Kozushima is home to the historical Monoimina no Mikoto Shrine, Maehama Beach and its great sunset views, the wooden marvel that is Akasaki Promenade and the natural planetarium of Miura Bay Observatory.

Monoimina no Mikoto Shrine

Established in the mid-ninth century, Monoimina no Mikoto Shrine was listed as one of the major shrines of ancient times. With its stone komainu guardian statues and weathered wooden facade, the shrine's buildings offer a very down to earth ambience amidst the greenery of its surroundings.

Four minutes from Kozushima Port.

Maehama Beach

Maehama Beach is an incredibly beautiful white sandy beach that stretches for a kilometre. Famous for its sunset views, the beach is also home to the Mizukubari Monument, a statue of the seven gods who, legend has it, gathered on Kozushima Island to decide on how to share water.

Four minutes from Kozushima Port.

Akasaki Promenade

Built over a rocky cliff, Akasaki Promenade is five hundred metres of wooden walkways stretching across the rocky northwestern coast of the island. Popular as a diving platform, the famous blue waters beneath the promenade invites thrill seekers to take a leap into the ocean below.

Sixty minutes on foot or a ten-minute drive from Kozushima Port.

Miura Bay Observatory

A natural planetarium on the south of the island, Miura Bay Observation Deck is the perfect place to witness the starry heavens at night. Surrounded by stars unfettered by city lights of any kind, the observation deck is one of the very places in Japan where the Canopus star can be seen.

Fifty minutes from Kozushima Port.