Tokyo's Mount Hinode

Great views from above

By Steve Morton    - 1 min read

Located about a 40 minute hike away from Tokyo’s famous Mitake Shrine lays the neighboring peak of Mt. Hinode which I happened to discover when traversing through Okutama's rural district this winter.

Roughly meaning 'sunrise mountain' in English, Mt. Hinode is popular for many visitors who stay overnight in one of several mountain huts in order to see some legendary views of the Kanto plains and beyond. The great views continue throughout the day attracting a large number of day visitors where it is possible to see Tokyo Skytree and downtown Tokyo.

Although the summit itself can usually get quite crowded, there are many options for finding more tranquil places by doing one of several other hikes which can easily be picked up from here. Because Mt. Hinode is situated on a long ridgeline that adjoins numerous other mountains, a large number of hiking trails either start or terminate at this point, providing countless options for further exploration and relaxation.

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