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Udagawa Cafe: Dining Cafe & Bar

Eat at a lovely Italian bar and restaurant in Shibuya

Udagawa Cafe originally opened in 2001 in the heart of Tokyo nightlife, Shibuya. The cafe's photographic decor made the cafe a hit during Tokyo evenings and the shop's popularity grew to the point of inevitable expansion. Now the cafe has grown to over 10 locations with different styles and cuisines and this newest location in Shibuya has just opened. A cozy, Italian restaurant in the center of Shibuya, Udagawa Cafe carries the tradition of wonderful cooking and amazing decor.

The new location is on Spain Street in Shibuya. A narrow street that resembles the small alleyways of Europe, there are tons of wonderful restaurants and bars to choose from. The new Udagawa Cafe is nestled quite comfortably on Spain Street, almost completely hidden from all the chaos of downtown Tokyo. You'll recognize it immediately from its deep blue paint and white windows*

Note: location has moved to a nearby street – see official site.

The exterior of the restaurant looks like an old Italian villa with an open air seating area. During the warm summer evenings of Tokyo, this is a great place to drink some wine and eat some freshly sliced salami. The interior is wonderfully decorated with giant photographs that light up the room at night. Big neon flowers and the dark glow of the kitchen combine for a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The chairs and tables are all selected perfectly to match the Spain Street aesthetic that somehow feels both genuinely European and Japanese at the same time. The upstairs glows a deep red at night and upholds Udagawa cafe's reputation as Tokyo's first "Night Cafe".

The food is delicious as expected. I tried both pasta Bolognese and Genovese and they were both very tasty. They also serve risottos pizzas, and curries. I especially enjoyed the Gnocchi Frites! Udagawa also sells very good coffee, so don't be afraid to pop in for a cup of joe. And the best part of it all? It's all extremely affordable. Almost all dishes are either 1000 yen or lower.

Another interesting fact is that Udagawa Cafe is also responsible for the highly successful CD series of pop hit remixes, "Couleur Cafe". Mostly top 40 hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Couleur Cafe remixes are mostly Jazz, Reggae, and Bossanova. Couleur Cafe music is exclusively played at all Udagawa Cafes, and adds to the unique experience. So if you're in Shibuya, come try out the new Udagawa Cafe Spain, for not only great food, but a unique cafe experience.

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