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Shibuya meets Bape

Meet the Bathing Ape

Shibuya, Tokyo - a statement of its own. This city is filled with all the art and culture you can imagine. I would describe it as world of imagination. It's nothing you have been exposed to before, in each area you can experience something different.

Shibuya is renowned for its large scramble crossing and tall buildings covered with billboards and shop signs. For me it is so much more - an artistic canvas where creative people meet. To see this crossing, take the Hachiko Exit from Shibuya Station (JR Yamanote Line).

Bape Store, Shibuya

A specific highlight of my Shibuya experience was the Bape Store (otherwise known as A Bathing Ape), a lifestyle and street fashion designer brand in a niche market.

The "GO APE" sign welcomes you to the store with its iconic ape logo and green neon glow lighting.

When walking into the store the interior strikes you with its "wow" factor.The entrance stairs are made of glass, housing a moving conveyor belt display of their latest Bapesta shoes - it's unreal.

This store is definitely a highlight of Shibuya's sub-cultural experience. The store is divided into Bape Male, Bape Female and Bape Kids. Bathing Ape produce a full-range of clothing: T-shirts, pants, shorts, footwear, and accessories. The quality of the clothing is well-known and anyone who speaks fashion will understand the meaning of well-engineered apparel and value for money.

Another factor that I found pretty amazing was when you are interested in trying on garment they provide you with a sample. If you are happy to make a purchase, your garment is sealed in new packaging and no one else has tampered with it. The staff members working at Bape Shibuya were very pleasant - bright and happy people who provided endless help to someone foreign to the Japanese language. Visiting this Bape Store was definitely one of the highlights of my sub-cultural tour of Shibuya.

For more information on A Bathing Ape and the Bape Store, visit their website to get a feel and understanding for the brand.

Getting there

The store is located at 13-17 Udagawa-cho, just a five-minute walk north of Shibuya Station. It's located off a main road in a side ally street, making the experience even more underground.

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