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Explore an old, rustic Japan, right on the JR Line

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Sawanoya Ryokan

Sawanoya Ryokan


Sawanoya Ryokan lets you experience the traditional Japanese way of life in a historical Edo period neighbourhood.

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About Yanaka

Take a breather from the bustling crowds in Shibuya and Shinjuku to hop on the JR Line for Nippori Station. A short walk away is Yanaka (谷中), an area largely untouched by the modernization of the 21st century.

This part of Tokyo retains a nostalgic atmosphere from pre-war years, and while it's calm and quiet, it's anything but boring. Corners of historic temples and statues line the way towards the famous Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street. Without breaking your wallet, you can try out several handcrafted treats ranging from menchi katsu, cream puffs, and sake. It's the authenticity and rusticity that give this town its charm, and when you're overwhelmed by the neon lights and loud sounds of metro Tokyo, a stroll through these quaint streets is more than refreshing.