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Cats in Japan

Meet 'Love', the cat stationmaster at Ashinomaki Onsen Station, in Fukushima's Aizu-wakamatsu region. Love took on the honorary role at this small, rural station on the Aizu Line at the turn of 2016. (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

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Japan's obsession with cats is laid to bare.

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Tashirojima Cat Island

Tashirojima Cat Island

Brian Takahashi

Come visit a Cat Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tashirojima is the place to feed and play with cats, stay in Cat Cabins, and..

Miyagi 2
Cat Alley In Onomichi

Cat Alley In Onomichi

Jemma King

Neko no Hosomichi or Cat Alley in Onomichi is hidden away between the sloping streets that wind around the town. It connects art,..

Nyaramachi Neko Art Festival

Nyaramachi Neko Art Festival

Early Jun - Early Jul

Nyaramachi Neko Art Festival celebrates cats and cat-inspired artwork throughout June.

Nara 4 Free Entry
Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama

Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama

Ciara Long

Pet and play with beautiful pure breed cats, drink juice and eat delicious snacks in the luxurious surroundings of this parlour..

Okayama 2
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