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Highlights of Japan

Kamijinko with two other store houses which collectively are called Sanjiko, literally meaning three sacred storehouses (Photo: Steve Morton)

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Places every visitor to Japan should witness.

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Shinjuku's Memory Lane

Shinjuku's Memory Lane

Andrew Ng

Previously known as Piss Alley, over 60 bars and restaurants are crammed along the side of Shinjuku JR station on the grounds used..

Tokyo 9
Exploring Himeji Castle

Exploring Himeji Castle

Ben Humphreys

The most visited castle in Japan, Himeji Castle, nicknamed the “White Heron” has been standing proudly on top of a hill called..

Hyogo 3
Climbing Mount Fuji

Climbing Mount Fuji


Climbing Mount Fuji is a fantastic experience for the well-prepared traveler, and will provide you to with a great sense of accomplishment...

Shizuoka 1
The Grand Ise Jingu

The Grand Ise Jingu

Chris Glenn

The Grand Shrine of Ise comprises two separate shrines, the Naiku and Geku. From ancient times, worshippers would visit the Geku..

Mie 4
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