Things to Do in Oita


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If you're visiting Oita, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Beppu is like a theme park for jigoku (hells) without the rides, it's an interesting visit but expect to see man made extras, as well as natural bubbling pools of doom
Three troops of Japanese macaques call Mt Takasaki, just outside Oita City, their home and regularly come down to food, play and interact with visitors.
Over 60 stone buddha statues dating from over a thousand years ago are carved into the cliffs outside of Usuki town in eastern Oita prefecture.
Mamedacho in Hita City is nestled in a valley behind some forested hills between Fukuoka and Oita. It is a great place to explore the winding country roads in a motorbike or an open top sports car, especially in the milder months of spring and autumn.
Mt Yufu, the dual-peaked mountain that looms over Yufu City, makes for an excellent day hike in the warmer months,
Spot elephants and giraffes from the animal bus as you explore the plains of central Oita prefecture
The Kokonoe Yume Bridge in central Oita prefecture is Japan's longest and highest pedestrian-only suspension bridge.