Things to Do in Wakayama


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If you're visiting Wakayama, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Experience Japanese Esoteric Buddhism on a retreat to mountain temple complex Mt. Koya at Osaka’s doorsteps
For over 1,000 years Kumano has attracted Japanese worshippers and seekers, and old trails, more or less intact, cross-cross Wakayama's Kii-Peninsula.
A white sandy beach and a southern resort feeling with palm trees and a stunning sunset at Shirahama Beach are just a one-hour flight away from Haneda Airport
Nachi is a small town located in Wakayama Prefecture which hosts Seiganto-ji temple, Nachi Taisha shrine and the impressive Nachi no Otaki waterfall
Kongobuji on Mount Koya: Headquarters of Shingon Buddhism in Japan, and a truly amazing place
Kukai's Okunoin, the site of Japan's largest graveyard at Koyasan
Wakayama Castle was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's stronghold on the Kii Peninsula and despite its reconstructed keep, it's still worth a visit if you're visiting Wakayama City.