Japan's Waikiki: Visiting Shirahama Beach

A bit of Hawaii in Japan

By Alena Eckelmann    - 1 min read

A white sandy beach and a southern resort feeling with palm trees and a stunning sunset make Shirahama Beach located at the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula an excellent alternative to flying out to Hawaii. Actually Shirahama Beach and Waikiki Beach have a good-will sister-beach relationship, and I wonder whether the white sand is also from Hawaii. In March only a few people stroll along the beach but in summer this place is popular with weekend tourists from Kansai. Book in at a hotel by the beach and you just have to cross the road for a plunge into the water. Even better: you can combine your beach holiday with onsen pleasures: Shirahama is one of Japan's oldest and still best onsen resorts.

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Alena Eckelmann

Alena Eckelmann @alena.eckelmann

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