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Sasebo Station

Sasebo Station in Nagasaki Prefecture services Sasebo City, home to the American naval base, Saikai National Park, Huis Ten Bosch and more.

Nagasaki Streetcars

They are considered to be slow and noisy, they are not always on time, and normally they are quite packed with people; however, they are still my favorite way to move around the city. Why? Because they are cheap, they are fun to ride and you can get in contact with local people. It is like stepping back in time for a while. If you are in Nagasaki you should definitely try them out—not to miss!

Ohato; The Port of Nagasaki

Under Japan's isolationist policy during the Edo period (1603-1867), the port of Nagasaki was the only port in Japan open to western countries and China. Today it's a small yet beautiful port that still has a unique, exotic atmosphere derived from its long, international history. Here, you can see luxury liners, cruise boats and sailing ships from all over the world. In April every year sailing ships from all over the world get together for the "Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival". Their presence is a sight to behold. The port of Nagasaki still prospers as the entrance to Nagasaki, as well as a ferry port to remote islands. Ships being built or repaired at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Self-Defense Force ships can be seen here as well. Sometimes, the view of the port from the top of Inasa mountain just takes your breath away.