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Okayama Train Station

The heart of transportation for Okayama prefecture has to be Okayama train station. Where ever you need to go this is the central location to get you there.

Okayama to Naoshima

Uno is known as the gateway to Art Islands of the Inland Sea. On the way on Uno, you see glimpses of modern art, like the checkerboard decorations on a platform, teasing you for what lies ahead.

Access guide for Ushimado

Getting away from the big city can be a daunting prospect in Japan but here's a guide to help you find your way into the coastal resort town of Ushimado.

Okayama Street Car

Okayama's Street Car is more than just a romantic way to travel around central Okayama but it also offers a special Friday night service of wine and food.

The Ferry to Naoshima

To travel to Japan's art island of Naoshima from the mainland, take the ferry from Uno; it's cheap, frequent, and you can enjoy a view of the Inland Sea's islands as you sail.