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JR Kumagaya Station

As the one of the biggest city in northern Saitama prefecture. Kumagaya plays important role in business and commercial center. By those reasons, Kumagaya have a pleasant JR station which becomes city's main gate to other city around Saitama prefecture and even around Japan. There are three line that served by Kumagaya station, they are JR East Joetsu and Nagano Shinkansen, Takasaki line, and Chichibu railway. So if you stay around northern Saitama prefecture, JR Kumagaya station will be very helpful to make a pleasant Japan's journey.

Classic Journey with Paleo Express

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in a classic way, the here it is, Paleo Express. You can start your journey in any station between Kumagaya station and Mitsumine-guchi station. Along this 57 km train route, you'll get amazed by the majestic view of mountainous landscapes, across beautiful rivers, and witness the locals activity.