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Origami Earrings

Fun & easy origami crafts -1

Origami is very popular in Japan, and indeed all over the world. But besides the famous paper cranes, we have many other interesting origami crafts.

Modular origami (the piecing together of various origami parts) is particularly popular worldwide, and very beautiful. This video introduces instructions for making origami earrings using one of the simplest modular origami pieces, the Sonobe cube. Please enjoy!

Things you'll need

  1. Small Sonobe Cube: Use six pieces of 1/16 of regular origami paper for each earring
  2. Clear type manicure for coating
  3. Eye-pin (x2)
  4. A needle
  5. One pair of fish hook earrings6.
  6. Jump ring (x2)
  7. Beads or other charms that you like

Also: a small pair of pliers that can both bend and cut.


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Kim 5 years ago
These look fantastic! I’ve been thinking about trying to make some origami decorations for our Christmas tree!