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Origami Straps

Fun & Easy origami crafts -2

Using a Sonobe unit ball, we will make an origami strap. How to make a Sonobe unit ball is shown here. This is a bit difficult. So, you can enjoy the project during your traveling in Japan, on your long journey to Japan, or whenever you like. Please give it a try!


  • 1. Small Sonobe Unit Ball: Use 12 pieces of 1/16 of regular origami paper for one strap
  • 2. Varnish for coating
  • 3. An Eye-pin
  • 4. A Jump ring
  • 5. A bead or other charms that you like
  • 6. A Strap

Also: glue, a toothpick, a small pair of pliers that can both bend and cut

Fun & Easy Origami Crafts series:

  1. Origami Earrings
  2. Origami Straps
  3. Origami Smartphone Charms
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Terrie Lloyd 8 years ago
The narration is especially nice.

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