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Cherry Blossoms at Dojoji Temple

Known for a famous Kabuki play 'Anchin and Kiyohime'

On April 5th in 2011, I visited Dojoji Temple where the cherry blossoms are the earliest to bloom in Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama is also known as the first place for spring's arrival in Kansai Region.

Dojoji is renowned not only for its gorgeous cherry blossoms in spring, but also for the legend of 'Anchin and Kiyohime', which was made into famous  Kabuki, Noh and Joruri plays. I passed through the main gate and prayed at the main hall. Beside Taihoden Hall and the main hall, visitors were admiring the brilliant weeping cherry trees with exquisite blossoms. 

The temple buildings are open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., however the grounds are open 24 hours. Please enjoy these beautiful cherry blossoms dancing in the air!

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